With nearly two decades of digital marketing experience, Jessica Friedman founded Digital Tribes Media in 2017 because the traditional marketing model is broken.
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Video Production & Editing

Video Production & Editing

Do You Require Video Production And Editing Services?


Digital Tribes has a dedicated team for corporate video production and editing. We can produce short-form or long-form content for any platform. We also have video SEO experts on the team, to ensure that your video reaches its target audience.


Here is an overview of our video production services.


  • Digital video marketing strategy. Before the cameras start rolling, we need to strategize. We need to finetune our key messages and identify our target audience. There are millions of videos online, each one competing for the audience’s attention. We ensure that our approach is targeted so that each frame counts.


  • Video scriptwriting. Once we have all the approved ideas in, our expert storytellers will transform it into a compelling narrative. Our writers are adept at creating content that draws emotions and drives engagement.


  • Video production. Our team will take care of the logistics including equipment and crew hire, location scouting, and other technical aspects of the production. We also do video production for social media platforms.


  • Video editing. This includes the use of music and editing software as well as the inclusion of graphics, as needed.


  • Video SEO services. We have an SEO team that will ensure that your video is optimized. This is an important step in the process because SEO is the bridge that connects your content to the audience.


Video Is The Way To Go.


Consider these data.*


  • 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. If you’re not doing it, you are definitely missing out.
  • 88% of marketers reported that video gave them a positive return on investment (ROI)
  • 82% of internet traffic is driven by video
  • On Facebook, engagement is highest on posts with videos at 13.9%
  • On Instagram, 65% of ad impressions come from videos while 75% of viewers take the next step after viewing a branded video
  • On LinkedIn, video campaigns have 82% view rates
  • 93% of businesses gain a new customer when they post videos on social media
  • In the U.S., video marketing is a $135 billion dollar industry


Video is, without a doubt, a powerful form of content. It is no longer just an option. It is a must-have in any marketer’s arsenal.


And like other content platforms, videos provide an opportunity to convert, engage, inform, and entertain. It should reflect your brand’s personality. And of course, it should always end with a call to action.


Contact Us Now To Learn More About Our Professional Video Editing And Production Packages


We have business packages to suit companies of all sizes. But if you want something more specific or if you have a certain budget, let us know so we can find the right for you. If you have an existing video, we can also step in to improve or update it.


Our video production team has a diverse portfolio that includes promotional videos, ads, online videos, and even TV pilots. We are storytellers, SEO experts, and veteran marketers. We’ll take your key messages and transform them into a story that will reach and captivate your audience.


Give us a call now to learn more.