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Reporting And Analytics

Reporting And Analytics

Without Reporting And Analytics, You Are Flying Blind.


Reporting and analytics answer many questions like how are we doing? Is our strategy still effective? Where are we winning? What are we missing?


This is the part where you stack up your key performance indicators (KPIs) against your progress so far.


What should you be looking at?


That depends on the kind of campaign you are running. If it is an e-commerce-centric campaign, your metrics should include conversion rate, traffic and transaction volumes, and ROI (revenue vs spend).


For a content marketing campaign, your metrics should include social shares and site engagement. For an SEO campaign, the focus should be on visibility and ranking. Which terms are ranking and how many? Which pages on your site are getting organic traffic?


When you look at a report, it should not just answer the ‘when,’ ‘where,’ and ‘what.’ There are many analytics platforms available online. The numbers can be easily generated, especially since everything is online. It is your agency’s expert analysis that adds value to it.


Reports should also explain the ‘why’ and ‘how.’ This kind of information allows you to decide your next course of action. It lets you leverage your investment in proven strategies that work.  Without in-depth analytics, you could just be wasting time and money. Worse, you could be causing your brand and business more harm than good.


What Are The Benefits Of Reporting And Analytics?


Reporting and analytics give you access to new information. No matter how well planned a campaign is, you will find that there are always bits and pieces of information that surprise you. And this is not a bad thing. It only means that you are charting undiscovered waters. The more campaign you run and analyze, the more data you will acquire.


With this data, you can:


  • Know your customer better. You can improve your demographics and psychographics. You can create a more detailed customer persona. And from here, you can develop better-targeted campaigns, products, and services.
  • Improve marketing tactics. You can find out which platforms are driving the leads and revenue. You can redirect your budget from low-performing platforms, and then double down on the tactics that work.
  • Predict or set trends. When you analyze data, like buying habits, over a certain period, you can find trends or patterns that influence those habits. You can use this information to get ahead of the competition in launching what could be the next viral hit.


Reporting And Analytics Services: What Can The Tribe Do For You?


  • Web analytics and reporting. We can measure your website’s traffic as well as user behavior. We can report on page views, average time spent per page, and exit percentage. We can help you identify which devices your customers use often. This allows you to improve site performance, so you can better communicate with your audience or convert visitors into customers.


  • Social media analytics and reporting. Are you active on social media? We can collate data from your various social accounts, and even your blog. We go beyond the surface-level likes and comments. We can also do social listening and sentiment analysis. With this data, you get a better sense of what your customers are looking for and talking about online, and where you fit in the bigger picture.


  • Business analytics and reporting. We can help you improve aspects of your business by analyzing data. For instance, we can analyze your product shipping performance. We can see if there are steps in the process that can improve turnaround times, and consequently, customer experience and retention.


Data is power. And we can help you harness it for your brand and business. Give us a call now.