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Public Relations

Public Relations

In This Digital Marketplace Of Goods, Services, And Ideas, Businesses Need Public Relations.


But what is public relations? If you ask the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), it is “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”


It’s a broad definition that highlights the many ways we can approach this multi-faceted field.


One way of looking at it is that public relations is a form of storytelling. It is taking control of the narrative about your brand and business. The main difference from other communications techniques is that it uses earned or unpaid media. Public relations tactics can include seeding press releases, tapping social media influencers, and pitching spokespersons for interviews.


Earned media includes news mentions or social media comments. Unlike, paid media, there are no guarantees. You must build and nurture relationships with the right stakeholders. You have to create and present a story compelling enough to warrant organic coverage.


Reputation management goes hand in hand with public relations. Managing your public image is a process that cannot be rushed. It requires effort and genuine connection, something that paid advertising cannot do on its own.


So, Why Is Public Relations Important For Your Business?


  • Cost-efficient. Public relations is the long game. Your budget can be flexible, and more often than not, you can work with what you have. Your biggest investment is time and effort in building relationships and taking care of your public image.


  • Long-term awareness. With so many brands out there, standing out for the right reasons can be a challenge. Advertising is one way to do so. But the results are often short-term and it’s not sustainable to rely on it all the time. Public relations connects you with your target market through a deeper story. This emotional connection helps them remember you for a longer time.


  • People like doing business with brands they trust. Trust is earned through great customer experiences and shared values. Public relations provide businesses with the opportunity to build that relationship.


Public Relations Vs Brand Communications: What’s The Difference?


Public relations is about managing your external relationships—with customers, media, or investors. Brand communication is about developing and presenting your brand identity.


In many ways, these two disciplines overlap. One key similarity is customer engagement. In both cases, there is a need to understand the audience to better connect and communicate with them.


On the other hand, brand communication is a process that should precede public relations. Before putting yourself out there, you must have an established brand identity with clearly defined goals.


What Is The Role Of Public Relations In Marketing?


Public relations supports your marketing goals. Marketing campaigns aim to improve leads, conversions, and sales. Public relations aims to make people like you.


While the latter builds and protects your reputation, it also boosts your credibility as a business. In this way, it promotes your good and services.


We Can Help You Develop A Proven Strategy For Public Relations


Public relations is not rocket science. But it requires a trained eye for good stories and opportunities. You need someone with an established network and strong industry connections, so you don’t have to do all the hard work from scratch.


Our in-house public relations specialist will analyze your brand and create a customized plan based on your communications goals. Call us now for an initial consultation.