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Logo Design And Printing

Logo Design And Printing

Logo Design And Printing Can Be A Struggle For Some Brands And Organizations.


We’re here to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. A bad logo is not just an eyesore. It can have a long-term impact on your reputation as a brand and as a business. That is why when it comes to logo design and printing, you should only work with professionals.


Why is professional logo design important?


  • It helps create your first impression. When people first encounter your brand, what they see is the visuals—the logo, your website, and your packaging, to name a few. People tend to judge your brand based on how they see it. And in that fleeting moment, you want them to remember you in a good way.


  • It tells your story. It gives customers an idea of your brand personality and values. It’s your first chance to make them like you. Your logo design also helps you stand out from your competitors. It represents your unique brand identity.


  • It drives brand loyalty. Imagine renowned brands and their logos. Think Nike. Or McDonald’s. People know these logos and they’ve come to associate it with the products they trust and love.


What about print design?


Print design is graphic work that is meant to be printed. This can include banners, business cards, and brochures, among others.


In this predominantly digital age, does it still matter?




Print design makes your branding mobile. And it makes your business more accessible too because not everyone can go online. It’s tangible proof of your business that has timeless value.


How To Design A Logo: Getting Started


  • Assess the brand. Is this the first logo for the brand? If so, why now? If not, what happened with the earlier one? Who is the brand’s target audience? And what is their current perception of the brand? These are some of the preliminary questions that need to be answered in the brief.


  • Check the competition. Outline their similarities and unique attributes. This kind of information allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors. It also helps to assess these logos against industry standards. You don’t want a generic forgettable logo. But you also don’t want to stray away too far that your customers won’t associate your logo with your industry.


  • Define your story. The custom logo design process begins by identifying your story. What does the brand stand for? What are your non-negotiable values? What is your mission? The answers to these questions form the foundation of your logo. This helps the artists visualize it by associating shapes, colors, and even texture.


  • Identify keywords. These words won’t necessarily make it to the final logo design. But it helps you, and your designer, shortlist associated imagery.


Professional Print And Design Logo Services


It’s easy to get free logos designed online or using available software like Adobe. But if you want a business logo design that drives awareness and affinity, you need professional support.


Our team’s in-house designers are adept at creating logos and print designs that make an impact. Whether it’s your first time or you’re rebranding, we can help. Give us a call now.