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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing? And What Can It Do For Your Business?


Do you notice that, after you buy something online, you get a stream of emails from the business? It usually starts with a ‘thank you’ message followed by regular updates on new promotions. That’s email marketing at work.


As the name implies, it is the use of engaging emails to promote products or services. The goal is to increase engagement through email, whether it’s a potential customer or an existing one.


The challenging part about this type of marketing is keeping your customers interested and engaged. Each email should add value so that your customers won’t feel the need to unsubscribe from any further communication.


What are some of the benefits of email marketing?


  • Customize content. You can personalize each email to improve engagement and click-through rate. And you can customize the content based on customer segmentation.


  • Boost sales. You can use email marketing to follow up on customers who have abandoned their carts. Or you can use it to offer limited-time-only discounts to encourage purchase.


  • Drive website traffic. When you create compelling content, your audience will want to know more. Your emails should always end with a call to action that leads to your website.


  • Maximize budget. An email marketing campaign is not going to be as expensive as a print or video ad. All you need is a solid email marketing strategy that is aligned with your overall marketing direction. And of course, a writer and an artist to bring your ideas and strategy to life.


How To Write Engaging Emails


  • Understand your audience. Ideally, you should have buyer personas as reference for when you write. Knowing who you’re talking to helps you decide on the right kind of tone and language to use.


  • Start with a compelling subject. Your subject line decides the fate of your email. The good news is it can be learned and perfected. Subject lines should grab the recipient’s attention. It should make them feel like they would be missing out if they didn’t open it.


  • Make the preview text just as persuasive. The preview text is a snippet from the email body. This is another opportunity to entice your reader. Double down on the excitement promised by the subject line. And avoid using too many exclamation points or using all caps because it makes your email look like spam.


  • Brevity is key. Test your draft by reading it as a customer. Would you open it? Would you read it all the way to the end? Write as if you’re talking to them so there’s a natural rhythm to your copy. Write short sentences and paragraphs. And don’t feel the need to write everything in or you’ll end up confusing (or boring) your reader. You can always lead them to your website or social media platforms for other information.


How To Build Your Email List


Another advantage of email marketing is that you own your contacts aka your email list. But how do you build it?


You can start with your social assets. Your followers are already invested in your content, so it’s only logical to give them the option of subscribing to email communication. Make sure your newsletter offers fresh and value-adding content.


You can also expand your list by adding a call to action at the end of each blog post. You can do the same for the landing pages on your website.


Expert Email Marketing Services


Email marketing trends and best practices are always evolving. We can help you stay ahead of the competition. Our in-house experts will show you how to strategize, create content, and set up email marketing automation. Call us now.